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Hotels in Leh : Ideal Place To Accompany Leh’s Beauty
15.10.2013 13:39
Leh is city of valleys, rivers, glaciers and lakes. The city offers adventure sports facilities like trekking, fishing and hunting.  Places like Drass valley, Kargil, Zangla, Shayook valley, Salt valley, Sankoo etc are of great tourist interest.
Hotels in Leh are a mix of style accompanied by fine dining experience that delivers best of services. The hotels here are best in hospitality and are equipped with all modern day facilities as required by the patrons. Low cost hotels make it easier for travelers with budget constraints. But these hotels are no less in terms of hospitality and guest management. While travelling Leh, one can explore locations like Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Khardungla Pass, Stok Khangri, etc.
Hotels in Leh give an ancestral feeling to the patrons during their stay. Majorly because most of the furniture found in rooms is pure deodar wood works and beautifully carved on teak wood. The accommodations are quite convenient and comfortable for the patrons. The food served in the hotels is pure hygienic and one can find multiple cuisines here. The food here is mouth watering and becomes one of the prominent features of every Leh visit. Leh being a beautiful city offers great views from anywhere in the city. Some hotels are known for their scenic views as patrons are majorly interested in such type of stay. Some of the common services offered by most of the hotels are currency exchange, parking, travel desk, doctor on call, etc. Well, the city of Leh has been blessed with naturally beautiful a location which provides the solace of a heaven. With this, Leh is definitely a heaven on the earth.


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